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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nature Calls: Talent Trees

Waffulz here with yet ANOTHER mind blowing article on our formidable class of Druids.
As i promised, we'd be discussing TALENT SPECS so here i go....

Like every other class in the World of Warcraft, there are 3 talent trees for the Druid. BALANCE (w00t), FERAL, and RESTORATION. Each talent is extremely different as the next and they all fit whatever characteristic you'd like.

BALANCE- Balance druids are focused on MAJOR DPS, mainly spell casting. Now all casters share the idea of quick, nimble, and ranged power. BUT the BALANCE Druid totally opposes this idea. While it is a good idea to stay back and go crazy on your target, BALANCE Druids get a unique form wel all know and love as Moonkin (aka Oomkin, Boomkin, and Doomkin). Moonkin form is attained at lvl 40, if u fill in your talent tree correctly, and comes with some desireable additions in that form. A 400% armor increase (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) and a little thing every mana user loves called Moonkin Aura. Moonkin Aura gives every party member within 30yds of the Druid a +5% spell crit increase (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) including the Druid itself. These additions given by Moonkin Form allow the Druid to be able to take a hit, be left standing, and crit the hell out of your attacker. ALSO it is possible to tank regular level instances in Moonkin Form because of the armor increase, so for all of those non-believers saying casters arent allowed to tank I say this respectivly but UP YOURS!

FERAL- Feral Druids are most common in the younger levels because of its ease to ding. Feral Druids have a talent tree similar to a Warriors Protection spec and a Rogues Combat spec. In Bear/ Dire Bear Form, FERAL talents add various things such as armor increase, damage increase, and a cool thing called Feral Charge which immobilizes the target for a bit. For Cat Form, there are some MAJOR Damage increases such as Mangle and Savage Fury. A few points having to do with healing are added in FERAL spec which help the Druid when getting pounded on while tanking. A cool addition to FERAL Spec is a little thing called LEADER OF THE PACK. Similar to Moonkin Aura, it adds a +5% crit BUT to MELEE Attacks only.FERAL Druids are exremely useful when seeking a solid off-tank or dps. The fact that Druids can heal is ANOTHER plus to a party because sometimes off-heals are cool. Currently, as I am not a Feral Druid (but I do have experience in fulfilling that role) a very strong Feral Druid in the realm of Shadowsong is none other than Nancydru. Any questions or comments should be sent to him.

RESTORATION- WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FOR HEALERS! Restoration is becoming widely popular within Druids of all levels. Mostly at 70 for PVP purposes. Personally, I think Resto. Druids are the BEST healers compared to those other guys. DOT capabilities and BATTLE REZ rock the World of Warcraft like none other. Resto. Druids get a special for also like BALANCE. Tree of Life form attained at lvl 50, if you play your cards right, allows the Druid to cast ONLY Healing spells. Additions are +25% of heals recieved from healing spells AND +25% Spirit. Although movement speed is reduced by 20% =( the mana cost of ALL spells are reduced by 20 (its not much but its something). Spell increase talents, spell crit increases and Nature Spell addons are also in the Resto. Spec which are EXTREMELY useful when healing. Resto. Druids are super awesome and are loved by EVERYONE in the World of Warcraft especially by me.

THANKS FOR READING this Blog and I will see you next time. Future posts include DRUID QUEST HELP for Bear and Aquatic Forms.

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